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Many years ago we evolved from being a top-down organization with many employess into a shape-shifting structure of professional colleagues, temporary workers and strategic partnerships. In addition to Lang Rust, we have profiled two of our most frequent collaborators below.

Lang Rust, President

Langbourne Rust is a consumer psychologist and researcher who has devoted his career to bringing producers and educators closer to children and their parents, driven by the conviction that the better people understand children, the better they will serve them and the more successful they will be. 

A leader in the children's marketing research industry and a frequent speaker at professional conferences, he has written many papers in the professional press about children, research methods and consumer perception.   

He graduated from Harvard College and got a doctorate from Teachers College/Columbia University in Psychology where he concentrated on child development, cognition and psychological measurement.   He did post-doctoral work at Children's Television Workshop where his studies of children's attention to TV material were instituted as creative guidelines for Sesame Street and the Electric Company.    Langbourne Rust Research, Inc. was founded at that time and since then has assisted many of the country's major broadcasters, institutions and marketers develop new products and enrichment programs for children.

Lang was Associate Producer of NBC's Emmy- and Peabody-award-winning series, Go-USA, and their series of after-school specials. For many years he was retained as consultant to "Captain Kangaroo" and the children and tween advertising of McDonalds.

Much of his work in recent years has been concerned with child health, socialization, and development issues and with developing new research technologies.  He conducted a large-scale field experiment for Sesame Workshop to assess the real-world impact of viewing DRAGON TALES upon preschoolers' tendencies to set goals for themselves and to persist at tasks in everyday life.  He did market segment profiling and qualitative interviewing for the US Forest Service's launching of the Junior Forest Ranger Program (with Smoky Bear). He performed website usage and perception study among populations of children, teens and parents for the Nemours Foundation's website (the most-visited site on the web for children's health issues) and he is engaged in developing new technologies for early Autism detection.. 

Dr. Rust has served on the Children's Research Council of the Advertising Research Foundation and has chaired their committee on developmental psychology. He is a member of the prestigious Market Research Council.  He has been actively involved in drug and tobacco prevention work with Columbia University’s School of Public Health and the University of Vermont's Office of Health Promotion. 



Dr. Frances Rust

Currently Senior Scholar and Director of Teacher Education at the University of Pennsylvania, Frances is Retired Professor Emeritus at New York University where she had been professor of education from 1991 to 2007. Frances began collaborating with Lang professionally in 1969 when they co-directed the Infant and Toddler Learning Lab at Briarcliff College. 

Frances currently serve as Director of Teacher Education at the University of Pennsylvania, where she holds the title of Senior Fellow of the University.

She is Retired Professor Emeritus at New York University where she had been professor of education from 1991 to 2007. She began collaborating (professionally) with Lang in 1969 when they co-directed the Infant and Toddler Learning Lab at Briarcliff College. 

First trained as a Montessori teacher, Frances founded and ran a number of very successful open-classroom preschools before going back to graduate work at Columbia University's Teachers College. Her doctoral thesis won the Outstanding Dissertation of the Year Award from the American Educational Research Association. In 1998, Teachers College awarded her the Distinguished Alumnae Award for her research and leadership in the field of teacher education. 

When interview projects and seminars call for special knowledge and ability to work with preschool or toddler-aged children, we often turn to Frances.   Clients whom the Drs. Rust have served together include Griffin-Bacal (on Hasbro dolls), Kimberly Clark (on Pull-Ups), Walt Disney Records (on book & tape products for preschoolers),  and General Mills (on preschooler play patterns). They currently are collaborating on the development and assessment of some new early childhood centers in China.


Charles Chang, M.A.

Charles has broad experience in all facets of institutional research. He currently serves as Chief Institutional Research Officer at Erikson Institute in Chicago were he also teaches research methodology and statistics courses and consults with faculty on quantitative and qualitative research.  At the same time, he serves as Software Architect and Research Associate for Project Match where he has been designing and managing evaluations of community based programs. 

He previously directed the Head Start computer training project for the Chicago Public Schools, conducted research on young children's computer education and designed databases for the Chicago Department of Public Health. For 10 years he was with the University of Chicago Social Science Research Computing department working as a Senior Research Consultant on a wide range of large-scale survey projects including the East Asia Social Survey project for China, Korea and Taiwan. Before coming to the US in 1991, Charles was Associate Publisher of IDG/Taiwan where he oversaw production and editorial operations for PCWorld Taiwan (for which he was Editor in Chief) and ComputerWorld Taiwan.

Charles got his Bachelor's Degree at Soochow University in Taipei and has an MA in Sociology (in Advanced Sociological Statistics) from the University of Chicago where he is currently enrolled in a Ph.D. program. He has numerous publications dealing with computer usage, teacher education and evaluation.

Charles brings deep skills and sophistication to our institutional research and educational evaluation projects.















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