Langbourne Rust Research, Inc

What I've done

I spent a career helping institutions learn how people develop, how they see things, learn things and make choices.

Dozens of companies, including the ones below and many others have hired me to help them make products, entertainment and communications for kids, teens and parents.

    SesameStreet Logo       The Met Museum Logo   Microsoft

       NBC Peacock    PBS Dragon Tales Logo  KidsHealth.Org   McDonalds logo  cbs

     Post Logo    Quaker             Pepsi    gfk

      etc., etc.


And now . . .

Instead of helping others produce and market their own products and services, I am now creating new things as an independent writer, inventor and entrepreneur.

  • Writing about the minds I have spent a lifetime discovering.
    See, for example, The Mind Behind which puts forth a general theory of how people really make choices in everyday life. You can find my other writings and speeches here.

  • Inventing products and technologies to solve problems I have grappled with in my professional and personal life,

    For example:

    • SkillShaper(tm), implementing a radically new learning technology for shaping physical skills for sports, work, fitness and therapy.

    • OptimEyes(tm), for determining which of two versions of a graphic image draws the most eyeballs. Patent pending.

    • Dozens of others, not ready for public disclosure until IP protection is secured.

  • Starting businesses to capitalize on those inventions

    • SkillShaper  .............

    • Sandbox Studio Partners - under construction - an umbrella organization for  invention-based startups. We operates somewhat like a production studio where each project gets formed as a separate entity -  with its own financing, production and marketing team.
      The central players in the sandbox are Lang Rust, Frances Rust, Dean Harris, Ben Vear and Simeon Schnapper

                Dean Harris   Frances Rust   Ben Vear

Dean Harris  Frances Rust   Ben Vear

   Simeon Schnapper

    Simeon Schnapper


Dr. Langbourne Rust

     Picture of lang

Lang Rust went to Harvard and got a doctorate from Teachers College, Columbia University, with studies in measurement, learning and cognitive development.

After several post-doc appointments with Childrens Television Workshop, he started his own research and consulting business, with a focus on new-methods development and providing guidance to the creative process.


The Mind Behind

An evolving paper, soon to be a book, on how people really make choices in everyday life

      Two heads in one image



SkillShaper devices make learning hard skills easier.

  SkillShaper Logo



A way to find out which of two images will grab more people's attention. For early-stage creative decision-making

   CokeAd_Cooler            CokeAd_Jeep

(The one on the left grabbed 50% more eyeballs in the first 3 seconds they were displayed, side by side, on people's home computers)